Week one weigh in….(how many times will I have a week one weigh in?)😬

What did I do differently this past week? Well, on most days I kept track of my food in My Fitness Pal. And I tried to get in more water and more steps. Probably only got in 3000 steps per day though. I used to be able to do double that. Now I am just struggling walking 10 minutes without having to sit down because my back hurts so bad!

Today I weighed in at 340.2. That’s about 5 pounds. Pretty sure it’s a lot of water weight since both of my feet were swollen really bad last week. But I will take it. Baby steps.

I’m training a new person to become a manager for me and hopefully end up being a GM. I’ve tried this several times already, and it just never worked out for various reason. I’m praying this one works out! This is going in baby steps as well. I desperately want to step down from the restaurant and just be the “owner” and have someone else in charge of everything else. Again, baby steps.

This coming up week I want to focus on keeping better track of all my food intake. AND get up to 4000 steps a day. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but for me it’s work. Here’s hoping for a good week! 😄

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