Week Two! Woo-hoo! 😬

So for the past week I wanted to get at least 4000 steps in a day. I actually did manage that except for yesterday. I only got 2500. But overall I pushed myself to get those steps in even if it meant I was doing it at 11:30 at night. Now, keeping track of my food, I failed miserably. I think I only kept track of one whole days worth of food. That is pretty sad! My water intake was low as well, only 2 bottles a day (16oz per bottle). I find if I drink more than three bottles a day I am up all night using the bathroom. It doesn’t matter what time I drink them. My weigh in today was 337.8. For a loss of a little over 2lbs. I will take that as a success but I know I have a longgggg way to go. This extra weight has been killing my back and my knees. Trying to walk for more than 5 minutes at a times seriously gets my heart pumping and my breathing is labored.

I have so many aches and pains all over my body. I try not to take ibuprofen everyday. My jaw continues to be a problem and sometimes when I eat it is excruciating pain that runs up through my right ear. I’ve had this problem for a year now. I’ve read up on lockjaw but apparently it’s something that takes care of itself or in extreme cases surgery is recommended. I think I’ll wait awhile longer.

My left shoulder has been hurting so bad to the point that I can’t even raise that arm but only halfway up. Not really sure what I did, but it’s been bothering me for about two months now.

My back is killing me but I know it’s from all this belly fat! My knees as well. Years ago I injured my left knee while doing lunges. I was supposed to have surgery but opted for physical therapy instead. Probably should of had the surgery. She said I probably had a torn meniscus. But I’m so anti surgery I said I would do the physical therapy. This may of been in 2008 or 2009. I still have issues with that knee and sometimes it buckles under me while I am walking. And that’s an unpleasant feeling. Feeling like I’m going to fall flat on my face. My left ankle is swollen. Always swollen. Not my right. Just the left. If I am not wearing proper shoes, my feet absolutely ache. Can’t tell ya the last time I wore some sexy heels. I want to be able to wear cute outfits, cute shoes, and be comfortable in them. I now wear mostly exercise pants, jeans, tshirts and gym shoes or my working shoes. Very unflattering… all of it. I only have myself to blame and this is my blog so I will have a pity party for myself if I want to.

My goal for this week is to increase my steps up to 4500 a day. I already got that in today! Attempt to keep track of food. Really need to work on that! And go to bed at a decent hour. I’m such a night person and will stay up til 2-3 am. Then I sleep my morning away and don’t get up until noon or later. It’s a terrible cycle. But I’m always exhausted during the day no matter what time I go to bed. Here’s hoping to a successful week.

Leaving the Port of Miami in November 2019. I so miss cruising!