Week One Weigh In (yet again)

Ahhh, this all seems familiar! I can’t believe I am writing about week one again. I know I need to forgive myself and just move on with it. But I hate stepping on the scale and seeing those numbers again. I was supposed to be 100lbs thinner by now. I put in a lot of work those first few months last year. I was actually successful. If only I didn’t love food so much. Why do I love it more than alcohol? Or Smoking? Or some type of drug? Food is my drug of choice. And I’m killing myself every time I make a bad unhealthy choice. Hey, I love freaking salads. But they don’t love me! For whatever reason they kill my stomach/digestive system and I’m in the bathroom the rest of the day. I actually do love healthy food….I just overeat most of it.

The number today was ok. 315.8. My water intake is lacking. I maybe get 2 water bottles in a day. And my exercise is severely lacking. Almost at nothing. Just the walking I do at work. But I’ve been hiding in the office mostly and don’t get out and chitchat much with customers lately. I usually make someone else go do it. Although that’s part of their job anyway. But for some reason customers like it when owners come out to talk to them. But I just haven’t been in a social mood for months now. That’s the depression I’m sure.

Next week at this time I will be sound asleep in a hotel in Ft. Lauderdale and hopping on a cruise the following morning. This time Jim and I will be sailing on the Carnival Sunrise from Thursday morning to super early Monday Morning. We have Faster to the Fun so we get to get on board early. We have a balcony again. Looking forward to it. Jim and I have been on several cruises. We have discovered it’s something we really enjoy doing together. My first cruise experience was way back in 1986. My sister had me join her and her husband on a cruise on the Carnival Jubilee. It was right after Christmas and it was during New Years Eve. First, our flight was delayed because of snow. We were traveling from Ohio to Miami Florida. I remember my sister on the phone trying to get a hold of the cruise line to beg them to not leave without us. I think it was set to sail at 4pm. We eventually made it to Miami, got on the boat probably 7PM. And we had NO luggage. Our airlines lost our luggage. So to make due we had to buy items from the shops on board. This was a seven day cruise and I think our luggage finally arrived on day 4 at one of the ports we stopped in. We weren’t the only ones without luggage. There was a bunch of us! I do remember having fun despite all that.

My second cruise was a family cruise with Jim’s side of the family. Jim has three older brothers. Well two of the three brothers, along with wives, kids, and Jim’s mom and her friend all went on this cruise back in 2000. It was a 4 day adventure at Disney World and 3 Days aboard Disney Wonder. There was a total of 14 of us! It was a lot of fun. We did not take Nathan, as he was only 5 months old. He stayed with my sister for a week. He is still mad about that to this day…… seriously!

Then in 2016, Jim surprised me with a cruise to Cozumel for our anniversary. We went on it in November of 2016. Carnival Paradise. Just 16 years since our last one. We had so much fun on that one. The live shows, comedy shows, food, bingo, naps, relaxing in the adult lounge. So much fun!

The following November (2017) we took the whole family. Carnival Paradise again. So myself, Jim, my three sons and daughter-in-law! That was a lot of fun as well. But Jim and I did feel we had to keep checking on all of them to make sure they were having fun. We all had rooms right next to each other. The rooms were actually pretty noisy, as it turned out, we were directly under the galley(the big kitchen)…… so I had just mentioned something about it to customer service and we all ended up getting vouchers to use around the boat. Still, I would of liked a quieter room.

The following year, December 2018, Jim and I went on another cruise on the Carnival Liberty! It was a very short cruise, I think just 3 days. We enjoyed the boat, it was very nice. Had an ocean view on that one. But we both agreed, it was too short.

2019 we had several cruises planned. We were supposed to go on one in September but I was really sick and we ended up not going. Luckily we purchase travel insurance and with my doctors note, we were able to get our money back. That cruise we originally were supposed to go to Cuba and Turks and Caicos. Cuba was cancelled months before we were supposed to go because of Trump and banning cruises from going to Cuba. But oh well, I ended up being sick that week….pretty sure I was emotionally and physically drained from all the traveling back and forth to Ohio for funerals and it just weakened my immune system.

Jim and I went on the Carnival Victory in November and this was our first balcony cruise. We left from the port of Miami. Beautiful port. We traveled to Key West first then to Cozumel again. We had a nice time and met some very nice people at our dinner table. The boat is an older boat, the decor was interesting. But that’s ok….. I just love being in the middle of the ocean…..I love the slight rocking of the boat when I’m in bed.

The next one we go on will be the Carnival Sunrise. This one has been remodeled and we watched some you tube videos and it looks really nice. We also have open dining for this one, so I guess we sit with different people every night. All of our other ones we had early dining so this will be different. But I’m excited about my balcony again!

I must do better at journaling in My Fitness Pal. That’s my goal this week!

Til next time…….

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