Daily Food Diary

So today I had a very late start and we had dinner about 4:30-5. My husband made cashew chicken with fried rice. It was delicious. I had a small portion of this. Normally I would go back for seconds but did not! Later in the evening I had a Dannon strawberry Greek yogurt and an Adkins pizza. Two water bottles and one Diet Coke. I know, I need more water!!! My daily Diet Coke consumption is normally 4-6 cans! Yup….it’s a lot….trying to go down to 1-2. Maybe even off completely but that will be really hard for me!

So at the moment my main focus is portion control and doing mainly low carb. I have a My Fitness Pal account and will keep track of calories and carbs that way. My goal is to lose at least 2lbs per week.

My activity today did not consist of a lot except I started taking down Christmas decorations. I do have a Fitbit and wear it daily. The goal is 5000 steps a day. It’s not a lot, I know. I will be increasing those step goals as well as time goes on!

I will mention now that I do take several medications: One for high blood pressure, One for diabetes, and 2 for depression/anxiety. I am hoping to get off all meds at some point. I’m really terrible about taking them anyway and sometimes miss a day…..or two.

That’s it for today!

2 thoughts on “Daily Food Diary

  1. Hi Susan,
    Thanks so much for coming over to my blog. I’m so glad to connect with you and become part of your accountability group. Thanks for being part of mine.
    Try not to be hard on yourself and diminish the efforts you are going to. Getting up to 5000 steps is a good goal to begin with. I’m trying to do 15 mins of exercise daily to begin with. If we make it a habit then we can increase it, but I think the key is starting small and achievable. Don’t you think?


    1. Hi there! Thank you for the kind message! And yes, small steps will lead to bigger ones. For some reason I am truly hopeful that this will actually be the year I take control! Again, thank you for commenting!!!

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