Day 9 and 10 food and activity log

I’m a little behind. It’s been a stressful last two days with work. On Wednesday I did go a little above my calorie goal, according to My Fitness Pal….but I did get my steps in. I can’t even remember what I ate that day. Its 9 in the morning and I’m at work again. We had to switch over from Pepsi to Coke products and I was here late last night while the workers were here and had to be back at 7am to let the ice machine guy back in to put the ice machine back on the new unit. However, the coke people didn’t even finish the job and I had to find a plumber to come out and add some more pipes to fit in the drain or else I would not of even been able to have drinks for customers today…..of course I would of went and bought a crap load of two liters….but still….I’m a little aggravated with the Coke crew for not finishing the job properly.

Yesterday I had my normal breakfast….and a balance break snack for lunch but for dinner I had chicken tenders and fries from the restaurant here. Why? I was hungry. Could I of had a healthier option? Yes…I could of had a grilled chicken. I was stressing when I got home around 2am and poured myself a bowl of Cheez Its and Lays Popables….ate a few bites and of course my youngest son pops out of nowhere and says”You don’t need those” and takes the bowl from me. And this time I didn’t fight him. I was like whatever, I wasn’t hungry, just stressed out…Then I went to bed. I did get my steps in though yesterday.

Its still early and I have not had anything to eat yet but I am drinking a Diet Coke at the moment. I’m more than likely going to go home around 11 and crash for the day…….I’m exhausted. Thats the plan anyway but who knows what will happen today……

I am also a little disappointed in My Fitness Pal. Lately it can’t find food….even the simplest of food, like carrots, it keeps saying its in an Offline Mode which is aggravating. I really rely on that to help me keep track of things…I have seen online a lot of people are having this issue and I hope they get it fixed soon!!!

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