Day 8 food and activity

Breakfast: jimmy deans turkey sausage bowl. And a dannon Greek strawberry yogurt

Lunch: Adkins bar

Dinner. Gluten free chicken, broccoli and cheese pie

Snacks: veggie chips

I got my 4 bottles of water in and 1 Diet Coke.

Activity: got 5500 plus steps in and 50 squats!

Today was a stressful day at the restaurant but I did not turn to food today!! I will pat myself on the back for that!

Day 7 food and activity

Breakfast: dannon light and fit greek strawberry yogurt and a turkey sausage breakfast bowl. A cup of cranberry juice

Snack: carrots and ranch dressing

Dinner: Adkins pizza

Snack: garden chips

Water: I only had one water bottle today. ☚ī¸ And 2 diet cokes

I got a little over 6000 steps today, I had to work tonight so it helps to get in my steps! Plus I did 50 squats!

Week One Weigh In

Technically tomorrow would be exactly one week but from now on I will be doing weigh ins on Monday mornings. Well, I weighed in at 317.2. So I am down 3.6 pounds in a week. Not too bad! And I don’t feel like I deprived myself and I wasn’t starving! At my one month weigh in, I’m going to take measurements and start keeping track of that as well. 😁🎉

Day 5 food and activity

Lunch: grilled cedar lemon chicken with rice from Applebees And a few chips with spinach dip

Dinner. Breakfast bowl- turkey sausage, egg and cheese. And a dannon light and fit Greek strawberry yogurt. 1 cup of light cranberry juice

Snacks: Adkins bar

Water: two bottles. Diet Coke:2. I definitely need to increase my water but it’s sooooo blah to me

Activity: I did not get in my 5000 steps, only a little over 4000. And 50 squats

Day 4 food and activity

Lunch; balance breaks

Dinner: I made steak with bell peppers and onions chopped up over top corn chips with mozzarella cheese and chipotle mayo. This turned out pretty good and I probably ate a little more than I should. đŸ˜ŗ

Snacks: salted cashews.

Water bottles 2. Diet Coke:

I forgot to wear my Fitbit but I’m pretty sure I got my steps in because I was at work today…..and did 50 squats.

Day 3 food and activity

I did pretty good today with food….

Breakfast: 2 medium eggs and 3 turkey sausage links

Lunch: Sargento balance break

Dinner: jimmy dean turkey sausage/cheese/egg/potato bowl, dannon greek yogurt.

Snacks: 1 cup cashews, Adkins Carmel nut roll

I got my 5000 steps in. I had to work again tonight so it’s easier to get my steps in. Plus I did 50 squats.